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If sport benefits all, what is the evidence?

Sport participation in Scotland: Quantifying the benefits. Dr Larissa Davies reports.


Where is sport in Scotland growing?

Identifying Scottish sport's decline, growth, opportunity and challenge. Prof Simon Shibli reports.


ASI Scottish Open welcomes the OSS

Access to sport in schools big talking point at OSS breakfast


Analysing Scottish sport participation and how we compare with Europe

Sport Participation in Scotland: Trends and Future Prospects. Nick Rowe investigates.


Sport's victims or winners?

Canadian research turns spotlight on maltreatment of children in sport


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Victims or winners? Children’s rights a big issue for sport

The Observatory for Sport in Scotland works closely with respected sport institutes around the world and one of our partners, the Danish Institute for Sports…
OSS News

If sport really benefits all communities, where and what is the evidence?

OSS Academic Review Paper published in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University Sport Industry Research Centre and Dr Larissa Davies
OSS News

Sports for the Future: Decline, Growth, Opportunity and Challenge

OSS Academic Review Paper published in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University Sport Industry Research Centre and Professor Simon Shibli

Poverty and access key barriers to participation

School sport and how it has changed, both curricular and extra-curricular, was a key theme for discussion at the ASI Scottish Open. The Observatory for…


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Independent Support To The Community Sports Sector

Think events and publications

OSS hosts events and publishes papers from sports academics on subjects ranging from sport and social inequality, sports for the future, quantifying the benefits of sports participation and gender diversity in sport and how this impacts governance, infrastructures, practices and participation in Scotland.

Policy and Practice recommendations

OSS focuses research on areas of importance for Scottish sports policy and engages stakeholders across sport and business to support policy and practice recommendations.

Knowledge Exchange and Forums

OSS has academic, stakeholder, business leader and local community forums.  Our knowledge exchange is about sharing new thinking and bringing people across the sports sector together to hear and exchange evidence, analysis and ideas that are key for informing best policy and practice developments.

Evidence and analysis

OSS is independent of any political party and raises funds as a charity to enable objectivity in the evidence and analysis that it commissions and collates.

International Benchmarking

OSS is inspired by and gets support from partner organisations the Mulier Institute in the Netherlands and the Danish Institute of Sports Studies (IDAN).  Both provide objective, independent, evidence and analysis to their sports sector to ensure policy making is informed and effective.


OSS conducts research into sports participation in Scotland and areas of interest for the sector and shares this with stakeholders in order to advance evidence-led decision making and effectiveness in sports policy and practice.