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OSS is independent of political parties and any other organisations. It is funded by donations from private individuals, charitable trusts and corporate organisations.

About Our Community

OSS is a ‘think-and-do tank’ with a growing network of supporters and contributors from across the world, all focused on finding solutions to Scotland’s big problems in sport, health and wellbeing.

We work in partnership with national and local government, academics, business leaders, sport bodies and communities, to identify the big challenges across community sport, activity, health and wellbeing. Those partners and our forums all contribute to developing sustainable solutions.

Research and evidence is key and we create opportunities for Scotland’s academic sector, and global partners, to produce quality research and insights that educate. We then support stakeholders across Scottish life to turn that into effective policy and practise which widens access to sport for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in every part of Scotland, and contributes to a healthier nation.

We do not have a genuine sporting culture in Scotland and our health service is in crisis, and there are links between the two. With your help we can change that, as other nations have.

Our Board
Our board consists of people from various parts of business, education, & government


Our Board
Our Supporters
We have support from the corporate sector and individuals


Our Supporters
Our Forums
We bring together Scotland’s academic sector and global research, providing a platform to discuss and communicate evidence.

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