OSS to investigate impact of coronavirus on sport

How will Scotland's wellbeing cope with social isolation?


'Poverty is a key barrier to sport in Scotland'

Professor TESS KAY investigates social inequality and sport, and finds income is key link to opportunities


What is stopping people with a disability taking part in sport?

OSS and Scottish Disability Sport research aims to identify barriers and help to remove them


Exercise halved obesity levels in US research

Study found aerobic and muscle strengthening to be key combination


Has rugby become a sport to watch, not play?

OSS researcher TOM ROWE analyses rugby's global boom and how Scotland can keep up


'Focus on the children' - Sir Kenny on changing the trend of sporting decline

Sir Kenny Dalglish joins guests from sport, business and politics at first London breakfast


Analysing Scottish sport participation and how we compare with Europe

Sport Participation in Scotland: Trends and Future Prospects. Nick Rowe investigates.

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