Health Secretary joins National Summit

Jeane Freeman, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, will speak at the National Sport Summit in Edinburgh


New National Sport Summit launched

OSS conference to tackle big issues affecting sport and activity across Scotland


Prison violence falls by 83% with help from table tennis

Research of sport programme in Surrey prison shows massive benefit - similar story in Scotland?


Analysing Scottish sport participation and how we compare with Europe

Sport Participation in Scotland: Trends and Future Prospects. Nick Rowe investigates.


The Observatory for Sport in Scotland

Independent research and insights helping to shape a healthier Scotland


If sport benefits all, what is the evidence?

Sport participation in Scotland: Quantifying the benefits. Dr Larissa Davies reports.


Sport's victims or winners?

Canadian research turns spotlight on maltreatment of children in sport


Where is sport in Scotland growing?

Identifying Scottish sport's decline, growth, opportunity and challenge. Prof Simon Shibli reports.


ASI Scottish Open welcomes the OSS

Access to sport in schools big talking point at OSS breakfast

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