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What are the knowledge gaps in community sport in Scotland?

By September 3, 2019 September 11th, 2019 No Comments

Before we can create sustainable solutions to problems, we first must understand the problem. It’s a simple fact. But what do we know and not know about why sport participation has been falling across Scotland, why clubs are struggling to retain players and why some are folding altogether? We know that a significant drop-out from sport begins at age 13 and that girls have more obstacles to taking part in sport than boys, but do we really know why?

The Observatory for Sport in Scotland exists to work with stakeholders – those delivering sport and those shaping policy to make it sustainable – and with proper academic research identify the problems and potential solutions.

As a result of feedback from many stakeholders, the OSS is undertaking a short nationwide research study to explore the research needs of organisations involved in community sport in Scotland. If you are involved in community sport in Scotland, and have 10-15 minutes spare to care your thoughts, get in touch with us and complete the questionnaire. The closing date is 18 September 2019.

Please note: The focus of the research is on community sport and there are no questions on performance/elite sport.

The findings will be used to write a report on the research needs of organisations involved in community sport in Scotland that informs discussion at a national sport summit on November 25 & 26, 2019, and inform the OSS research strategy in 2020, as we seek to facilitate greater collaboration between organisations involved in community sport and the research community in Scotland.

As someone with a role and interest in community sport in Scotland, we would appreciate it if you would click on the link below, enter the password – oss – and complete the online questionnaire.

Survey link:

  • You can choose to provide an anonymous response to this survey.
  • More than one questionnaire can be submitted by a single organisation.
  • Individuals and organisations will not be identified in any reporting of the survey findings.

If you think this survey is relevant to other colleagues in your organisation, please feel free to forward the link to them. The survey is being carried out by John Taylor, OSS Research Advisory Group Member and Lecturer in the Faculty of Health Science and Sport at the University of Stirling.


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